"It's seriously soooo pretty ...those colors are so good & the saturation is so much better than most tie dye. Fantastic job!"

Megan (Fresno, CA)

I really really really LOVE my shirt, and everyone needs to know how beautiful  these shirts are lol. From the quality to the tie-dyeing details, it was just beautifully done & I can't wait to order all types of colors!"

Angie (Los Angeles, CA)


th3 brand.

“Catch th3 Frequency” is a tie dye brand specializing in unique collections and customizable wear. It was developed because I believe that humans exchange energy and the people you surround yourself with will either elevate your vibrations or deplete them. I wanted to create something that speaks to community (who you surround yourself with) and knowing/remembering where you come from. The collections that come out will represent the mission and some will be able to contribute to social injustice programs and provide tools for our community to help children and young adults understand how to creatively build generational wealth. You will see “th3” as a preface to every collection because my personal story and my personal community always stemmed from the connection I have with my siblings and the 3 of us holding each other accountable and truly loving and pouring into one another unconditionally. I hope you feel that unconditional love that is poured into every hand crafted piece. Lovingly, Renee and Catch th3 Frequency