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"Catch Th3 Frequency" is a tie dye brand specializing in unique collections and customizable wear. It was developed under the belief that humans exchange energy which will either deplete or elevate one's vibrations. This brand is representative of the community and should always remind one of where they come from and how far they can go. Catch th3 wave and vib3 with us.

Catch Th3 Frequency

A look for everyone


Warm it up  

  • Monique M. - Philadelphia, PA

    All of the itIems that I have from Catch Th3 Frequency are great!! The dye job isI perfect and hasn't mom has a degree inI Textile Merchandising, so she's studied fabrics extensively, and she always talks about how ya'll make high quality merchandise!! Keep doing your thing!!

  • Lyndsey L. - Los Angeles, CA

    Every piece I've gotten so far from Catch Th3 Frequency gives me permission to be my authentic self. I wear each piece with inItention because I feel the inItentionpoured inIto it. It's more than a brand, it's truly a vibe! Plotting my next purchase

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